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At the local NoA office in Oslo, you will find 80 developers with a strong passion for building state of the art products & services. In addition, our offices in Stockholm, Copenhagen and Krakow make a strong collective of 200 developers with the same passion. Continue reading to learn more about our services and skills, or get information about our tech department in Norwegian.

Our core is as follows:

  • Frontend development in HTML, CSS, Javascript / ES6 & ES7 / and frameworks such as React.js, Next.js, Angular.js, Vue.js, Next/Vercel, Gatsby and JamStack
  • Server Development on Microsoft’s development (.NET/C#, ASP.NET, .NET Core).
  • Server Development on Node.js
  • Enterprise CMS and e-commerce platforms, such as Sanity, Episerver/Epicommerce, Contentful & Omnium
  • Mobile development based on PWA, Native, React Native and Flutter
  • Digital Service Platforms, Integrations, APIs and Microservices
  • Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
  • Data Science, Python, Machine Learning & AI
  • Database platforms (SQL Server, Cosmos DB, RavenDB, DynamoDB, MongoDB)
  • Search utilizing Elasticsearch
  • Architecture & Technology Business Advisory

Open-minded vs vendor lock-in

As we adapt to needs while working on products and services, we have an open-minded approach towards what vendors and platforms we apply. However, our solutions are often based on solid products such as Azure, Google Cloud, AWS, Elasticsearch, Contentful, Sanity and Episerver.

Web Solutions

Yes, we are web developers! However we venture into awesome products that aren’t exclusively web. We work on products and services that our client’s customers interact with regardless if the touch-point is on web, desktop or mobile. We craft solutions that are meant to be easy, intuitive and useful for the user while hiding complex integrations and data base issues far from their eyes. The results come from close cooperation of UI and UX designers, developers, SEO analysts and content specialists from the very beginning - they all work with one goal in mind - a happy user whose life will get a bit easier.

Enterprise Content Management and E-commerce

We have experience with many CMS products but most of our solutions are based on Sanity, Episerver and Contentful. Having invested a lot of time and effort into partnerships we are one of the largest partners of Episerver in Europe. We also have certified experts in Contentful, Umbraco and Sitefinity.

For enterprise level customers we build dedicated platforms on top of mature and reliable products, well-optimized and friendly for the vast variety of end users. We address ecommerce needs by delivering solutions for online sales based on Episerver Commerce, uCommerce and Virto Commerce. Sometimes we go fully custom and build tailored made commerce like Online Grocery Shopping for Meny.

Mobile Development

Following the trends of mobile development, we seek to keep complexity low. PWA´s, React Native and Flutter is often a good choice. The main reason for that is that it enables one team to produce more versions, and one code supports several platforms. This way we can implement faster and it is easier to maintain applications after the implementation. As an example, check out our Skadefri and Sats cases. We go Native when you want to fully utilize the needs specific to that platform.

Digital Service Platforms

This is one of our main service offerings, read more about it here. We build cloud powered platforms that leverage data. Our services are tailored to individual needs. Sometimes it’s a Node.js back-end running on Linux, while in other instances we build the entire stack on the Microsoft Development and Cloud stack. Micro services, event driven architectures and bimodality. We integrate with ERP, CRM, PIM and DAM class systems and excel at leveraging the masses of data that they provide.

The most important takeaway is that we advise, build and scale based on needs, rather than predefined assumptions. The Digital Service Platform powering Norgesgruppen is such a case.

Machine Learning and data science

The entire industry is blooming over the AI & ML buzzwords, yet we see many struggle beyond glorified search and the superficial (but fun!) showcases. Applying machine learning requires a certain skill set, but also the ability to explore; “What, if anything, can the data tell me about my problem?” and “What problems, if any, can my data tell me anything about?”. We apply this exploratory approach in anything from streaming sensor data and Green Energy Analytics & Partnerships, to natural language processing in friendly and helpful chat-bots we have built.

Elasticsearch - fast, flexible and scalable for data analysis

Elastic, with Elasticsearch at its core, is one of the cornerstones of our products and services for enterprise customers and smaller endeavors. Elasticsearch doesn’t only excel at search, but is also a flexible and scalable engine for big data analytics. We use Elasticsearch in cases like Norgesgruppen, Sats and Norges Fotballforbund. Essentially, it’s an ideal tool for transforming data into value for our clients’ businesses.

Architecture & Technology Business Advisory

Getting into the complexity of products, services and ecosystems, we need knowledgeable advisers. Building sustainable systems that are secure, flexible and scalable is hard (if you add the ability to cloud anything - and GDPR - then you have a real challenge on your hands), but we can proudly say we have relevant experience in this field. When building our solutions, we look at it from a bigger perspective and make sure it will be well adapted to the existing IT ecosystem.

Want to join our tech department? Check out our jobs page!