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Come and join us as our new colleague!

Come join the team with 200 diverse talents within most aspects of digital products and services. Here, you will find many “Let’s try and see”, “Yes, we can do that”, “What’re your thoughts on this?” and “Let’s just test it” -people.

We’re located next to The Royal Castle Park in central Oslo, in a beautiful building shared with our North Alliance sisters, Anorak, Bold Scandinavia, NoA Consulting and NoA Connect.

Portrait of a woman from the Oslo office.

9 new job openings.
Hopefully one for you.

Jobtitle Category Office
Nyutdannede teknologer 2021 Technology Oslo Apply
Løsningsarkitekter Technology Oslo Apply
.NET Utviklere Technology Oslo Apply
Kreative teknologer - åpen søknad Technology Oslo Apply
Frontend Utviklere Technology Oslo Apply
Episerver Utviklere Technology Oslo Apply
Data Engineers Technology Oslo Apply
Senior Frontend Utviklere Frontend Oslo Apply
Lead Designer med god forretningsforståelse UX/Design Oslo Apply


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Q&A - questions we tend to get a lot!

I want to continuously evolve in my field. Can you help me with that?

We understand your ambitions! We encourage you to learn and be inspired through attending the courses and conferences you find valuable - as long as you promise to return unharmed and with new knowledge to share with the rest of us. We aim to make your time at Making Waves the best part of your CV.

How is the work/life balance?

We know that balance between work and private life will not only make people happier, but it’ll boost creativity and productivity. That’s a win-win situation, and we encourage our people to work normal hours and use all their vacation days.

What can NoA Ignite offer me socially?

One of many things that are great working in multi-disciplinary teams, is that you get to know and cooperate with people across the entire organisation. We have activity groups that cover e.g. food/beverage, yoga, running, biking, hiking, etc. We also have trips, parties, networking and other social events, so there are a lot of opportunities to hang out with an inspiring crowd.

I would like to be a part of Noa Ignite Norway, but I live in another country. Will I get any relocation assistance if I get a job in your company?

We know it’s a big step choosing to relocate to a new country. We’ll do our best to make your journey as smooth as possible, by offering and assisting with relocation support. We’ll guide you through the steps, what you need to do in advance and, if needed, we’ll assist you with your residence permit application.

Our policy

NoA Ignite should be a great place to work, with openminded people who treat each other as equals and have an understanding of each other’s differences.

When we determine salary, offer professional development, allocate exciting assignments and or offer career opportunities, we always base this on objective criteria.

Our company should be known for its diversity and inclusion. We’re a family and our offices should make people feel at home, so we all have to make an effort. Take initiative, get to know your colleagues and let them get to know you. We promote equality, ensure equal opportunities and rights and prevent discrimination in accordance to The Norwegian Anti-Discrimination Act.

Want to know more? Say hello to Sandra!

Sandra Escalante Schiefloe

For recruiting
+47 984 29 445