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A person looking at an exercise in the Skadefri app on their phone.

Skadefri prevents injury and helps with rehab

Skadefri teaches you how to prevent injuries, how to give first-aid when an injury happens, and how to do proper rehab to get back in the game.


  • Web site
  • Multi-site content repository
  • Mobile app for iOS and Android


  • Episerver CMS
  • Native apps for iOS
  • Android


  • Anna Kasprzykowska
  • Patryk Manterys
  • Diana Sarlinska
  • Kamila Jarosz
  • Tomasz Rakoczy
  • Mariusz Domaradzki
  • Katarzyna Juszczyk
  • Kinga Żwak
Portrait of Asbjørn Vølstad.

“The Skadefri website and app are useful for everybody who wants to stay injury-free and improve performance.” Asbjørn Vølstad, Client Director, Making Waves Oslo

“Useful for everybody who wants to stay injury-free.”


It’s been proved, by numerous scientific studies, that more than 50%(!) of the risk of injuries can be reduced by structured warm-up exercises. was brought into this world to provide the most effective and evidence-based injury prevention program for 50 different sports.

An injured ankle being bandaged.

Our approach

This project was a close collaboration with the sports injury researchers at the Oslo Sports Trauma Research Centre (OSTRC). They provided all the content, including shooting all of the sports-specific videos needed for the exercise programs. They also took a active part in the design process to prioritise key messages. The web application, stretching its legs for the first time in 2016, was built on Episerver CMS and delivered by our office in Krakow.

A woman doing a warmup exercise on a yoga mat.

The outcome

Along with short descriptions, every exercise is presented through video - all to make sure nothing gets pulled, turned or twisted in the wrong way. If the harm is already done, fear not, you’re not going on the landfill of athletes just yet, because you can also learn how to treat injuries and what rehab gets you back in training. In addition, we created a Skadefri mobile app as the Norwegian twin brother of the IOC’s Get Set app, which, just like its sibling, speaks 7 languages.

The website rose to stardom in 2017, with approximately 150.000 visitors. The flexible content management platform has let OSTRC be the wizard creating hundreds of new exercise videos for sports specific injury prevention and cross-publish them to, as well as the Skadefri and IOC Get Set mobile apps. The plans for spreading the word involve the national sports federations, role models/star athletes, and social media activities, and are set out to make the sports community aware of Skadefri and adopt injury prevention to the playing field.

You can download the Skadefri app from App Store and Google Play.

A person selecting a body part in the Skadefri app.

Our contribution

Experience strategy

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  • Strategy as process
  • Financial modelling

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