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A selection of our favourites

To make sure both local and international readers can learn more about our work, we present some cases in Norwegian and others in English. The title of each case will let you know which language it’s in.

Ny nettside for Utdanningsforbundet (NO)

Ny personalisert medlemsweb for Tekna (NO)

En samlende identitet for Lillestrøm kommune (NO)

Growing online grocery shopping for Meny (ENG)

Solving the climate crisis with DO (ENG)

Rebuilding International Baccalaureate Organisation's website (ENG)

Humanium creates hope through destructed firearms (ENG)

Improving the Audi e-tron experience (ENG)

Transformation through NorgesGruppen's Digital Service Platform (ENG)

Making Libratone's website beautifully bold (ENG) keeps football rolling through the year (ENG), awarded the world's best tourist site (ENG)

Thinking inside the box with Beambox (ENG)

Increasing user engagement on (ENG)

Helping Satselixias's PTs do their job (ENG)

Preparing your next favourite dish with the help of Matprat's chatbot (ENG)

Reducing injuries with IOC's Get Set app (ENG)

Save the Children's iPad-based recruitment tool (ENG)

Simplifying Help's legal agreements (ENG)

Organising Norwegian football with Fiks (ENG)

Increasing Coop's online market share (ENG)

Skadefri prevents injury and helps with rehab (ENG)

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